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no one's reading. :O
I snoozed alot today.
Had an awesome shower, got ready fast, still had some time to watch Sabrina the teenage witch, didnt have any breakfast, fed my Tubby, called two people and then took off to school.

20 mins till Comp Sci class ends and Im not sleepy! Leet!
But Im really really bored!

Ohio is in 4 days!
If i got to see Tanner irl...I think I'd __________________.

fill in the blank!

Remind me to buy that plaid sweater.
Totally fail weekends(well..what i happend planned anyway)/random letdowns and rejections FTL!!

Thank God for that feeling of ____________________. :)

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the first blank is a dirty word.
the second blank is skeet shooting.

I just watched Heroes/villans
I wanna cry
Hiro did something awful!

Patch comes out tomorrow
make sure you have something to do because the realms are gonna be down for 12 hours

it's gonna be from like 4am to like 5pm

that's 13 hrs.

woot for comments!

why do you think something dirty..?
peeing my pants...-_-?

hehehhehe. :P
school time.

First blank is tell him to that he needs to caaaawlm dooown!

Second blank is... Pan Dulce?

you and your random popping out of nowhere!

you never cease to amaze me! >:O

lulz. :)

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