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I admire your courage.
i am ohio bound.

pray for me please...cause..

my mind has a mind of it's own. xD

lame, i know.
i've been feeling totally awesome...

but yea. gr.

just..please. T_T

wah wah wah.
i suddenly feel sleepy.

i borrowed a leet-ish camera from my mom's old man and i will take leet pictures with it...

i want Vickytoria to be Vickytoria Jenkins
and i want Fartface to be Ambassador Fartface.


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Achievments? geez bliz, thanks for making me feel even WORSE for playing a socially isolated gamex_x

I miss you!
I haven't been online much

I promise to hang out sometime after all my busy work ends

Andandandand we can have another super awkward restroom meeting!

where i think youre some weird stalker following behind me xD


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