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southeast asia
Does anyone ever get as many whims as I do?
One day, I wanna go to the zoo....badly!
The next I am online looking through craiglist, practically buying anything I can or want if I can...O_o
(haha, I'm a compulsive buyer...)
Or like, I'll take up sewing and attempt to sew myself a pencil bag...
Lately, I've taken up bass playing!
I'm also all into reefkeeping and I go googoo over looking at coral online..
I get random urges to take money outta my savings and go on random trips...
(we did do that in spring break, vanessa and i)

Whatever...I like myself like this, really. I just wanna do lots of things. I'm sure lots of people wanna do lots of things too! XD

Poll #1554075 Who hates school?

Do you hate school?

yes, definately
kinda, i just dont wanna be a hobo
no, i love it. im a nerd!
its not thaattt bad
I am at school. I dont like it. :)
But! atleast im not in danger of failing anything! im cruising!
I really do like Kevin's memes.

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you're gonna become a hoarder.

Hrm, sometimes I think about just quitting school and getting a pharmacy tech license, or training to be a firefighter -- you know, something exciting that would also allow me to be on my own quicker and away from the competitiveness of university. x_x

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