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I'm not being down on myself but...
If im still a nostalgic loser at age 40, then I still think I should be writing...not necessarily on Live Journal but anywhere. I can't believe what a spaz I was. It saddens me a bit that I feel like I'm not as random as I was when I was younger. I guess that's sort of adulthood. But now that I think of it, some people DO tell me I am random sometimes. That makes me happy.

I am 27 now. I don't have kids like a lot of people my age. I still love my version of kids: my animals- Bird, my pineapple green cheek conure and Jake my German Shepard dog. Also, I've acquired a Doug. I don't like his name but I love him.
We're both foodies. That's a nice way to say fat butts.

Selfies exist now. That's helped me feel a little better about myself. The right angle CAN go a long way. Or you can let your fiancé take your photo. (Like in the first box.) Yum, food.


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