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what a terrible way....
It's like Michelle and I have reunited.


Well i mean..there are NOT many people that can make me laugh so hard that I start times in a row.

What a turd.'s Friday. Im glad. :)
I like when people feed me.
I like when I have smart partners that like C++.
I dont like being ignored by WoW boys.
I dont silly class Cleopatra and best buddy confrontations?

I love animals.
Allow me to show you Michelle's handsome cat. :))





gas prices are hawt right now!

On a different note..Im kinda sad I cant log into Detheroc today. Just all the other servers. -_-
/need to farm Shat'ari Skyguard rep. :(

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You and Michelle eh? Thats good to hear, its about time =)

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